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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


As it was Sunday and approaching midnight (the reason I opted to forego Psychedelic Horseshit), the crowd dwindled significantly between Mr. Maus’s exit and Wet Hair’s performance. With their latest effort, Dream, Wet Hair produced some of the best stuff that toes the line between psychedellic rock, noise, and skronky outsider jams. Shawn Reed’s detached, spooky vocals and primitive Casio keyboard tones are the perfect complement to Ryan Garbes’s muted drumming (the two even played off of one another from time to time during the show as Garbes stationed himself at a keyboard of his own). The duo took an equally rad turn away from this for their three songs however, as Reed utilized a more uptempo, almost funk beat early on that gave the whole set a more unanticipated, buoyant flavor. - ALEX ROLAND

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